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Hope.gif (16869 bytes)
Performing at the 
University of Kentucky 
with the late, 
great Bob Hope

TA-Temps-best.gif (97473 bytes)
Appearing with 
Motown legends 
The Temptations

With his mom and Sinbad, who 
credits T.A. with 
inspiring him to 
become a comedian!

Posing with the 
Mary Wilson  

Hanging' out 
with The Spinners

Spinning.gif (113008 bytes)
Spinning the 
"Spinning Wheel" 
in "Simply Sammy"

Golden.gif (104861 bytes)
"I Want to Be With
 You" in "Simply Sammy"

Blues.gif (103215 bytes)
"Birth of the Blues" in "Simply Sammy"

Joe.gif (83352 bytes)
A tipsy T.A. in
 "Joe the Bartender"
from "Vaudeville Tonight"

Tyrone.gif (78894 bytes)
With his alter ego,
"Tyrone" in
"Vaudeville Tonight"

Minnie.gif (81605 bytes)
"Minnie the Moocher"
in "Vaudeville Tonight"

Happy.gif (105525 bytes)
Feeling "Happy as 
the Day is Long"
in "Sweet & Hot"

S&H1.gif (105017 bytes)
 "Between the Devil 
and the Deep Blue Sea" in "Sweet & Hot"

S&H2.gif (122264 bytes)
Cuttin' a rug with the Jazz Babies in
 "Sweet & Hot"

S&H4.gif (98890 bytes)
"Doin' it for Defense"
in "Sweet & Hot"

S&H5.gif (112578 bytes)
"Lets Fall in Love" from "Sweet & Hot"

Impromptu.gif (63342 bytes)
Starring as "Ernest" a
pompous actor, in "Impromptu"

Harry-2.gif (92500 bytes)
"Harry the Horse" 
in "Guys & Dolls"

Harry-1.gif (117734 bytes)
Crooning with 
the guys in 
"Guys & Dolls"

TA-celeb2.gif (82577 bytes)
Bringin' down the house at Celebrity Theater

TA-Comedy-spot.gif (85366 bytes)
Rockin' the room
at The Comedy Spot
damnyankees-83.gif (84187 bytes)
The devious Mr. Applegate
in "Damn Yankees"
damnyankees-59.gif (89225 bytes)
In a "devilish" mood
in "Damn Yankees"
Davenport.gif (125224 bytes)
Dapper Charlie Davenport in 
"Annie Get Your Gun"
Sonny--Cher.gif (57889 bytes)
Playing Sonny to 
Laurie Ehlers' Cher 
in "Unforgettable"


Daizy-sammy.gif (54789 bytes)
As the Candy Man - Sammy Davis Jr. in "Driving Miss Daizy Crazy"


Helen-Lock.gif (114999 bytes)
The scholarly Dr. Jonas Lockwood in 
"Third Best Sport"